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We make games. We make apps. We make Unity assets.
We are jemast software.

Our works


We thrive to create delightful and thrilling experiences with our games. We have been gamers for as long as video games existed and we bring our entire passion and dedication in the games we make. While we focus mainly on the mobile gaming bloom, we try to make our games device-agnostic so that they can be played anyhow, anywhere.


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We design finely crafted apps for mobile devices. We believe that the mobile ecosystem brings the best experience for a wide range of tasks and we try to leverage all that's best in the devices we work with to produce applications that are packed with features with incredible accessibility. Our motto is that design shapes functionality.


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Unity Assets

Unity is an incredibly powerful yet super simple engine that allows to create mind-bending gaming experiences on a wide variety of devices. We bring our contribution to the Unity developers community with quality assets and great tools to streamline implementing cutting-edge technologies into your applications and games.


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From the blog


Unity multiplatform development on steroids

One of the best features of Unity game development tool is its multiplatform capabilities. Switching your project from Windows to iOS, then to Android or Windows Phone is as simple as hitting one button. But there’s a catch. Because each platform has i...


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Submit your Unity games to the Mac App Store!

So you’ve made your awesome game and may already have released it for iOS and Android and now you’re thinking I’d be great if you could give the Macintosh some love by submitting your Unity game to the Mac App Store. Unfortunately, Unity does very l...


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iCloud for Unity roadmap

We’ve got some cool stuff in the iCloud for Unity pipeline and we’d like to share them with you. First of all, our last update implements conflict resolution for files as well as better error management. While we haven’t documented that yet because ...


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